Aleida Koch

Aleida Koch

Aleida Koch, Dental Assistant

Job Description

Responsibilities include comprehensive knowledge of direct patient care, handling of dental materials, sterilization procedures, X-Ray Survey, Set Up trays for Orthodontics and General Dentistry, Patient Management, Help Dr. Walsh with different procedures like take photos for ortho patients, impressions, and maintain the office clean.

Care Statement: In my Dental Assistant department, I give a nice and comfortable environment for our patients and always am sure that Dr. Walsh has all the materials he needs for any procedure.


I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I am an American resident. I am responsible, always do my tasks on time, and help any department in the office for the patients been happy.

Education & Training

Dentist, University of San Martin, Bogota, Colombia. Integral Dentristy Symposium, Bogota, Colombia. Oral Cancer course, Catagena, Colombia. Odontopediatric Seminar, Bogota, Colombia. Patients special care, Robert Morgan Institute, Miami, FL. Radiology license, Nova University, Miami, FL.