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From childhood to the golden years,
Dr Thomas Walsh and his team will have
you smiling for years to come.
Whether you'd like to discuss your child's dental and facial maturity, orthodontics, adult implants, or any other dental concern you may have,
please feel free to call Dr Thomas M Walsh at (305) 451-8005.
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Florida Keys Family Dentistry

When you visit our Key Largo Florida dental clinic, you are our top priority. Dr. Thomas Walsh and his experienced staff are dedicated to providing personalized, gentle care that you deserve. We take the time to understand your personal needs whatever they are - Cleaning, Braces, Dental Implants or TMJ/TMD. Please call us now to schedule an appointment, (305) 451-8005.

The philosophy of Thomas M Walsh, II DDS is to treat and resolve issues rather than medicate symptoms!

Though a comprehensive and holistic approach to facial balance, Dr. Walsh is able to transform and improve the quality of life of his patients. Thomas M Walsh, II DDS goes beyond teeth and focuses on facial problems that cannot be fixed by braces alone.

Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea?

The signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea can vary for every individual.

Part of our service commitment to patients is to provide helpful information so you can make the best decision about your oral health care. You can learn more about indidvidual cases by visiting our Dental Before and After Case Study Archive. Dr Walsh also publishes research and news on this blog. Feel free to add yourself to our mailing list to stay current with Dr Walsh and his lectures and updates.

Meet Our Team

Best dental treatment for today and tomorrow.

Leader of myofunctional and craniosacral therapy.

Jennifer Alexander

Knows the ins-and-outs of processing your insurance.

Aleida Koch

By your side with direct patient care. Si hablo español!

Suzanne Corbin

Over 20 years Dental Hygiene experience.

Tiffany Stanczyk
  • Tiffany Stanczyk
    Dental Hygienist